The CD: Altar Call

Prepare to weep for sorrows, laugh with joy, and soar with grandeur as you travel sacred ground with Michele Denise Michaels in Altar Call: a haunting, intimate, and spiritual outpouring to God. Altar Call will bring solace to those on the journey and speak to all who search for meaning. Michele’s exquisite voice resonates with effortless emotional range and fosters a sense of hope and peace.


“A haunting and mystical recording from a highly versatile artist with incredible range.” - Anthony Cox, Producer and Bassist

“Michele’s voice is a gift and I am thankful that she has chosen to share it. Her music truly touches and speaks to the soul. The artistry of the musicians is amazing and lends to the contemplative feel of the CD. I love to listen to this CD on my way to work and find that it helps to calm me down, pray, and focus on the day. I definitely recommend it to others! “ – Jess M., Prayer Sister

The Book: Are you really blind?

The Book: Are You Really Blind?

Every day of her life, someone asks Michele, “Are you really blind?”

The answer is yes, but it took a long time to admit it. Answering this question honestly prompted Michele to write a collection of essays addressing her struggle to accept her blindness, her dealings with the sighted public and her surrender to God’s will.

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