Jeff Cavins

“Michele’s singing gives me God-bumps.”
— Jeff Cavins, Bible study teacher & Creator The Great Adventure

Anthony Cox

“Michele guides the listener down a personal path expressing her faith and convictions as a Catholic artist while combining emotion with flawless technique “
— Anthony Cox, Producer

Shelia Koenig

“Michele honestly lives the philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind. She shows that blindness is only a characteristic — it is not a tragedy, nor does it limit one’s ability to lead a satisfying, successful life. Both in her work with the Federation, as well as her stage presence, Michele exudes positivity, determination, and charm. She is a talented singer who just happens to be blind.”
— Shelia Koenig, Minneapolis and Saint Paul Metro Chapter President, National Federation of the Blind

Fr. Mark Pavlik

“It has been a wonderful experience to watch Michele’s faith blossom here in Minneapolis. I have been involved in bible study with her and recommended her for the archdiocesean catechetical institute. Michele is a woman of tremendous faith and devotion and she is a beautiful witness to her love of Jesus Christ. Her story of faith and trust in God continues to be a blessing for countless people in theTwin Cities.”
— Fr. Mark Pavlik, Pastor, St. Olaf Catholic Church

Mary Jo Sherwood

“Michele has the voice of an angel and the heart of a saint. Her passion for serving others is beautifully expressed through her music. Her way of ‘seeing’ the joy that God has placed in each of us is an inspiration to all. Michele has been given a special gift that should be shared with the entire world. Don’t miss the chance to hear her story or listen to her sing. It will move your soul.”
— Mary Jo Sherwood, Founder of Fire of Hope Conferences

Jeremy Stanbary

“Michele is a dear friend of mine with a phenomenal voice and a Divinely inspired calling to “serve souls through song.”
— Jeremy Stanbary, Artist Director, Open Window Theatre

Past Clients

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
Jeff Cavins
Fire of Hope Women’s Conference
National Federation of the Blind
Pro-Life Action Ministries
Rediscover: Catholic Celebration Conference
Jeremy Stanberry, Open Window Theater
Wells Fargo

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